Reaper Cobalt Bits

Reaper Cobalt Drill Bits are constructed of a patented 8% cobalt and high-molybendum alloy, which increases the drill bit strength, and allows for greater heat resistance when drilling the hardest and most demanding materials. Reaper Cobalt Drill bits feature a 135 degree split point eliminating the need for pilot hole predrilling, or starter punching. Shanks on sizes 3/16” and greater have 3, machine-ground flats, which prevent slippage in drill chucks. Reaper Cobalt Drill bits are available in a wide assortment of jobber & stubby sets including fractional, number, letter, and metric sizes from 1/16” up to ½” by 64ths and .5mm increments up 23mm, as well as Silver & Demming sizes from 9/16” up to 1 ½”, and 24mm – 35mm.