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The Strongest Drill Bits In The World.

Here is the story behind Rodman Drill and how the strongest drill bits on the planet ended up in your hands.

In 1983 Warren Dale Chesgreen flew to Cologne Germany to attend Europe’s largest tool show, The Eisenwarenmesse. His mission was to find a revolutionary drill bit yet to be seen in America and that’s exactly what happened on the last day of the show. He stumbled upon a demonstration which was underway and could see the excitement from the crowd.  A man was drilling through a hardened steel with a red hot bit in a press, then a brake rotor, then a sheet of stainless steel, then concrete, tile, even porcelain, but the capper was when the demonstrator took a hammer drill, and with a longer bit, drilled through all those materials at once.

Later that night, into the early morning hours, Warren negotiated and secured exclusive import rights and began bringing the drill bits from Germany, branding them “Rodman Drill,” the namesake of his Los Angeles tool founded in 1928. The Rodman Multipurpose Drill Bit is known worldwide.

Rodman Drill is still a family owned business and believes in traditional family and business values. We currently offer a complete line of high speed steel, cobalt, and carbide, taps, drills, reamers, hole hogs and burrs, as well as our complete line of Goldfinger Diamond blades and whole kit and caboodle of other cutting and hand tools too long to list. For ninety years, we’ve treated and continue to treat our customers like family and not just customers.