Rodman Multi Purpose Drill Bits

Since the early eighties, Rodman Multipurpose Drill Bits have been the go-to drill-bit for locksmiths, mechanics, and anyone with repair work that requires drilling through the hardest materials such as tool steel, heat hardened material, or metals such as stainless steel.

Have a busted set screw or broken head bolt? The Rodman Multipurpose Drill will get the job done. Even broken taps and easy outs or broken safe locks are no match for the Rodman Multipurpose Drill Bit.

You’ll no longer need to run to the hardware store anytime you have a project that requires a job-specific drill bit. The Rodman Multipurpose Drill Bit does it all! The Rodman Multipurpose Drill Bit drills perfect holes in ceramic tile, cement, wood, rebar reinforced concrete, cast iron, and even glass bottles!