Tap and Drill Combo Tool’s - Rodman Drill & Tolls

Tap and Drill Combo Tool’s - Rodman Drill & Tolls

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Tap and Drill combo tool’s helical flute design of the drill and the tap section allows the holes to be drilled and tapped at relatively high speed. The drill section is designed to be self-centering for easy starting, with a 118-degree helical point for smaller sizes and a split point for larger sizes. These specialized combination tools are suitable for a machining center or on multiple-spindle drilling heads with reversing mechanisms, and can be used for many materials including steel, aluminum, brass, and malleable iron. Combination tap and drills can be used on multi-spindle heads with reversing mechanisms for tapping in most materials. Since both operations are performed from one shank, expect perfect alignment every time. The drill size is designed to produce a standard percent of thread, which eliminates any guesswork. RODMAN’S Reaper cobalt 7 Piece Coarse Tap & Drill Tap Combination Bits save time, money, and effort! Say goodbye to running around the shop like a headless chicken looking for the right size bit for pre-tapping drilling. For example, ¼” tapping requires a #7 bit, 7/16” requires the letter “U”, 5/16” requires a letter “F”, and the list goes on and on. Reaper high-quality, cobalt combo bits drill the hole and tap the threads in a single action. The self-centering split point provides excellent drill starting, boring, and tapping precision and accuracy. The Reaper’s Mechanics Length, the middle ground between jobber and stubby lengths, reduces breakage while accommodating drilling and tapping in ½” thick materials including, stainless steel, spring steel, cast iron, angle iron, square and tube stock, aluminum, copper, bronze, plastics, even wood! Our patented treatment adds lubricity and creates small pockets on the surface of the bits that hold coolant near the cutting edge, thus allowing users the ultimate cutting and tapping performance. The Reaper Combo tap & drill bits

Feature 1/4” Quick-Connect shanks, offering a superior chuck grab, with 0% chance for tool slippage.

Ideally suited for on-site tapping in a multiple of construction, repair, and manufacturing environments such as, automotive, marine, aerospace, agriculture, plumbing, electrical, HVAC, welding, and fabrication or wherever a new hole needs to be made and tapped.

Reaper Tap and Drill Combo Tool Kits come in a sturdy canvas and nylon, Velcro fastened pouch which open and close easyil, and are fitted with a handy belt clip.

The most popular Coarse sizes are (tap size then drill size listed) included are: 1/8” x 32 - #21 , 3/16” x 26 - #16, ¼” x 24 - #7, 5/16” x 18 – “F” , 3/8” x 16 – 5/16” , 7/16” x 14 – “U” & ½” x - 13 – 29/64” and metric tap & drill sizes: 3.5mm x 6 – 2.9mm, 4mm x .7 – 3.3mm, 6mm x 1- 5mm, 8mm x 1.25 – 6.8mm, 9mm x 1.25 – 7.8mm, 11mm x 1.5 – 9.5mm, & 12mm x 1.75 x 10mm

Just pop one of these babies in your drill or impact driver, use recommended RPM (approximately 500 RPM for ½” jobs, and incrementally faster speeds for the smaller sizes from 7/16” down to 1/8”; once your hole is cut, just tickle your trigger for the final tapping stage. These tools will provide surgical holes and threads in seconds.