“These are my go to bits when I need something steady and strong.”

Officer Dave Munoz

“We go back 25 years, and your the only mail order tool company I’ll buy from.”

Russ Meeks, RM Engineering

“Rodman Drill Set, you can’t beat it, good quality!”

Ray from Diamond Bar, CA

“Had to drill a hole in a Hurst shifter arm that my regular bits wouldn’t cut through, wouldn’t touch and Rodman drill bits worked – paid for themselves.”

Tom Ordway from Granada Hills, CA

“If you’re breaking these and you’re off out on a boat, you’re done for – unless you have Rodman drill bits.”


“Gentleman had a hardened piece of steel used for a target – we needed to drill a hole in it. He tried everything and I used my Rodman drill bits and we drilled a hole in it.”

Customer from Western Kansas

“Any hardened steel, these drill bits work great.”


“Use their products practically everyday building custom models. I drill through titanium, steel, you name it, never had a problem… they don’t even dull… absolutely amazing.”