The Rodman SDS+ Rebar Buster Drill Bit cuts through rebar like it’s paper without cracking or damaging concrete, stone, and brick integrity. The 135 degree TRI-CUTTER carbide tip with self-centering point allows for perfect concentric round holes.

    • PREMIUM STEEL AND CARBIDE FROM EUROPE The premium standards for
      steels and carbide, combined
      with our thermal treatment under
      controlled atmosphere, garanty
      the best striking force restitution
      for the booster.
    • The solid monobloc carbide tip, is inserted
      and brassed with cupper, resistant to over
      1000°c temperature raise
    • 3 135° edges, combine the most efficient drilling without cracking the
      concrete around
    • New TRI-ZONE flute Extraction area, the patented
      shape associate a compression
      area with a decompression
      chamber to extract thin dust to
      hole exit
    • Dust extraction
      accelerating area
      to the rear.
      Very fast dust evacuation
      area, adapted to high
      dust volume.