Our new Blue Bullet Multipurpose Drill Bit Set is designed for contractors, farmers, locksmiths, and mechanics who’s needs only demand certain sizes. Our new 5 piece set includes 3/16″, 1/4″, 5/16, 3/8″ & 1/2″. Our patented European alloy consisting of cobalt, tungsten, carbide and boron is like none other. The Rodman Blue Bullet will make holes in the hardest steel found, including tool steel, Grade 8 bolts, broken taps & easy outs, stainless and spring steel — even Inconel & AR500, and simultaneously, perform well in brick, block, granite, tile and most other masonry products. At last, one bit will do all jobs!


By taking both cutting edges flush with a silicon carbide grinding stone, you can easily put on a new razor edge and drill another 20 holes or so — and repeat! Hole after hole!


Contrary to all other bits, this industrial-production cutting tool grinds instead of cuts, and therefore, must be used at a high RPM. Ex: Harder metals such as tool steel, run at least 2000 rpm, softer materials require less speed. These bits work very well with Hammer Drills in masonry products. Best used in a drill press, but can also be used in a corded drill at a minimum of 2000 rpm. Please note most cordless drills have RPM limitations. An RPM use chart is included with every set.