Sick of easy outs and busted bolts?

This brand new system is the 007 Fire Extinguisher set for broken bolts, broken studs, busted pipe…and all that ugly stuff
It’s a special set that’s got an ultra precise left handed drill bit made from cobalt and tungsten steel…

Every time you go to use an easy out…you gotta drill into the broken piece first to get the extractor in, the problem is, the busted piece heats up, expands, and you got a bigger mess on your hands than you did to begin with…whoever named easy outs, “easy outs,” should have their head examined! There’s nothing easy about them! The reaper remover set makes life much easier. First, put the new Ultra Lefty in your drill, put her in reverse, and 9 out of 10 times she’ll back the busted piece right out.

The set will remove broken bolts, studs and pipe from 5/32 all the way up to 5/8”