Our patented German alloy consisting of cobalt, tungsten, carbide and boron is like none other. The Rodman Multipurpose bit will cut, the hardest steel found, including Grade A bolts, broken taps, broken easy outs, stainless and spring, and simultaneously, performs well in, brick, block, granite, tile and most other masonry products. At last, one bit will do all jobs!

This FIRE EXTINGUISHER bit will get you out of the worse jams. Broken head bolts, busted springs, fowled easy outs, taps, you name it, when nothing else works The Rodman will get the job done!

Take both edges flush with a silicon carbide grinding stone and keep bits sharp, hole after hole.

Contrary to all other bits, this industrial-production cutting tool must be used at high RPM’s. Best used in a drill press, but can also be used in a corded drill at a minimum of 2000 rpm. Please do not use in any cordless drills due to RPM limitations.