14″ C.A.T. Diamond Blades (Cuts-All-Things)

Our special demolition/rescue blades used by Fire Fighters, Rescue Teams, Police, Demolition Contractors and metal workers utilizes vacuum brazed technology and a high concentration of industrial premium diamond permanently fused to the edge of the steel core creating unbreakable and extremely heat resistant segments which can cut nearly all materials without water cooling and still holds its original diameter until the last cut, allowing better control, reach, and precision cutting throughout the life of the blade. This process leaves more diamond cutting surface exposed for longer blade life and faster cutting in granite, marble, aluminum, auto body panels, bulletproof glass, cast iron, copper pipe, brass, bronze, corrugated roofing, drywall, ductile iron pipe, fire doors, masonry, brick & block, roof tile, plastic, PVC, rebar, reinforced concrete, steel stucco, tile backer board, and more, whether used wet or dry.

,Cuts safely in either rotational direction for long blade life and maximum performance. Unlike other blades with angled gullets, The 4-1/2″ thru 14″ C.A.T. Diamond Blade has a Perpendicular Gullet Design which enables cutting in both directions for enhanced safety, longer blade life and faster cutting.